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Purpose:  MVNA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving the residents, homeowners, and businesses within its boundaries in all matters of community development and enhancement.  Our boundaries are Maple Street to Fort Street, 90th Street to I-680.  This includes the neighborhood subdivisions of Maple Village, Hummingbird Heights, Hummingbird Hills, Tomahawk Hills, Palomino Hills, and Golden Hills.

Upcoming Events:

– Saturday, April 14, 2018, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm, Spring Clean Up:  We will again host this annual event in conjunction with the City of Omaha and Keep Omaha Beautiful.  More information will be provided in mid-March.

– Thursday, May 10, 2018, 7:00 pm:  May General Membership Meeting at the Maplewood United Methodist Church, 3535 Maplewood Blvd.  Speaker:  To be announced.  As always, attendees will have an opportunity to discuss neighborhood issues of concern.

Thursday-Saturday, June – exact dates to be determined:  Neighborhood Garage Sale:  MVNA advertises the dates in the Omaha World-Herald and provides garage sale participants with information on other participating homes in the area.  More information will be provided later.

Note:   Our January General Meeting was cancelled due to the weather.  We had a speaker from the Metropolitan Utilities District on Omaha’s water sources and purification planned.  We will reschedule this presentation for another of our regular meetings.

Friendly Neighborhood Reminders – Be a Good Neighbor … Follow City Ordinances:
The following topics get raised with MVNA as issues needing reminders.  Click here for Omaha Municipal Code.

– Trash containers and waste bags can be placed at the curb from 5 pm the evening before collection day through 10 am the next day.  At all other times, these items are to be kept at least 20 feet away from public streets and sidewalks.  Violators now face a $100 fine for their first offense and $500 fines for subsequent offenses.

– Debris of Any Kind Not Permitted in the Streets and on City property:  It is unlawful to dump, deposit, blow, wash or otherwise allow onto streets or City public property, any dirt, yard debris, fertilizer granules, rubbish, snow, or any other material.  The City is increasing enforcement of these issues due to storm sewers plugging and water pollution in them.

Snow Removal Required:  The occupant or owner of any lot or land in the city must clear all snow and ice from sidewalks adjoining their property within 24 hours after the city declares snow removal operations on city major streets complete.  This snow and ice can be placed between the back of the curb and the sidewalk or on private property.  It is unlawful to place snow and ice from private sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, roofs, or other private property on the street, an alley, public right of way (e.g., between curb and sidewalk), and other public property such as parks.

– Snow Removal by City:  Sidewalks for the public not cleared of snow, ice, other accumulations, or obstructions by the occupant or owner may be cleared by Public Works with the expense for doing so assessed to the appropriate property owner.  Furthermore, if a property owner or occupant places snow, ice, or other debris from private property or from the right of way for which he is responsible onto a public street, alley, sidewalk, or other public property, the city may remove the material at the individual’s expense.

– Signage:  City ordinance does not permit non-regulatory signs on public property; however, MNVA has permission to have group, professional looking signs, posted for a limited duration to advertise our events to the neighborhood.  Individual home-made signs placed around our MVNA garage sale signs are not allowed and will be removed.  All yard signs on private property must be within the sidewalk.  The section between the sidewalk and curb is public right-of-way. Also, signs are not allowed to be painted on or attached to trees, rocks, or other natural objects.

– Vehicle Storage on Street:  It is unlawful to continuously park a vehicle in one place on the street for a period in excess of 48 hours.  Any vehicle parked in violation of this is considered a public nuisance and can be removed by the City.

– Unlicensed Vehicles:  All vehicles parked on public streets without current annual license plates and registration are a declared public nuisance and can be removed by the City.

– Vehicles Removed by the City:  The owner is responsible for towing and impound lot daily storage costs, as well as an administrative fee.  Furthermore, no vehicle shall be released from the lot without proof of liability insurance as required by state law to be legally operated in the State of Nebraska.

– Parking on Residential Lots:  All vehicles must be licensed and on a paved, hard-surfaced driveway or a paved pad adjacent to the driveway per City zoning code.

– Animal Noise:  Animals habitually barking, howling, yelping, and making other noise which by loudness and frequency is a breach the peace if it impacts the enjoyment of property held by others in the community.  Such animals are deemed public nuisances.  The owner/keeper/possessor is responsible for controlling the animal’s noise.

– Animal Defecation:  City code requires individuals responsible for an animal to immediately clean up or remove the excrement from public property, including designated off leash dog parks, and from privately owned or occupied property other than that of the owner or the person having control of the animal.

– Animals Running Loose:  It is unlawful for any person to allow or permit any animal which is owned, kept, or possessed by him or her to run or be at large upon the private premises of others or upon the streets, highways, and other public places of the city.  Animals within the city are to be securely restrained or otherwise confined in or upon one’s premises in an enclosure sufficient to contain the animal.  Cats roaming the neighborhood at night have been killing birds.

Home Businesses (Home Occupation):  City zoning ordinance defines a “home occupation” as an accessory occupational use conducted entirely within a dwelling unit by its inhabitants, which is clearly incidental to the residential use and does not change the residential character of the site.  For more information, please see the Planning Department’s Omaha Occupations Information brochure.

Membership Meetings:

Are held the second Thursday of the odd-numbered months at 7:00 pm at the Maplewood United Methodist Church, 3535 Maplewood Blvd.  Our meetings feature speakers of community interest, such as our State Senator, our City Council Representatives, representatives from various City departments (e.g., Police, Planning, Parks, Public Works, Library, Fire), Metropolitan Utilities District, Omaha Public Power District, Nebraska Humane Society, Douglas County Extension Office, FBI – Omaha Office, and individuals from the private sector on various topics such as tree planting/maintenance, gardening and lawn care, and recycling.  We also have open discussion on various topics of concern in the neighborhood (e.g., crime, crime prevention, unkempt properties, speeding, pot holes).  MVNA can help solve problems you may not want to do yourself.  The MVNA Board is always interested in what topics of community interest our members would like more information about. Topics and suggested speakers are always welcome.  In the event of inclement weather, we follow Omaha Public Schools — if they are closed for the day or dismiss early, we will not meet.

Annual Events:

– April or May:  Spring Cleanup – MVNA participates in Spring Cleanup sponsored by the City of Omaha and Keep Omaha Beautiful.  This event gives neighbors the opportunity to clean out their garages and basements and drop off unwanted items at a centrally located spot right in Maple Village.  Neighborhood volunteers are available to help unload vehicles from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Maple Village Country Club parking lot, 3645 Maplewood Blvd.  The specific date is assigned by the City.

– Summer:  Neighborhood Garage Sale:  MVNA advertises the dates in the Omaha World-Herald and provides garage sale participants with information on other participating homes in the area.

– July:  4th of July Children’s Parade – MVNA sponsors this parade for the neighborhood children to participate.  It begins on the east side of Laura Dodge Elementary School at 10:00 am and goes through Maple Village Park, past the golf course, and finishes up at the north end of the park.

– August:  National Night Out, first Tuesday in August – MVNA partners with the Omaha Police Department, Omaha Fire Department, and other local groups to sponsor a National Night Out event at the north end of Maple Village Park.  Volunteers provide free refreshments to all attendees, visits by a police cruiser and fire truck, and sometimes games.

MVNA Board Members:

President – David Bates, dabates1@yahoo.com
Vice President – Marita Real, maritamcreal@gmail.com
Secretary and Webmaster – Linda Bors, linda.bors@cox.net
Treasurer – Linda Bors
Director-at-Large – Vacant

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